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Public Shows 2017-2018 School Year

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*A Note on All Public Shows*

Parking is free! Pick up your pass at the box office. 
Doors open 30 minutes prior to start time. Show starts promptly. 
There is NO LATE SEATING. Refunds will not be given for late shows. 
In the event of a sold out show, we reserve the right to fill empty seats at show time. 
There is NO guarantee for tickets at the door. To be assured a seat, purchase tickets online. 
Milky Way Galaxy "You Are Here"

How to Measure the Cosmos 

Feb 9, 10, 16, 17, 23, & 24
Mar 9, 10, 16, & 17

Fridays 7pm
Saturdays 4pm & 7pm

In ancient times, it was believed that the sky was a heavenly dome with stars as divine decorations arranged by the gods. As we’ve learned more about our world, our knowledge about the universe beyond has expanded. How far away are the stars, other galaxies? Just how big is our universe and how have scientists determined these things? Travel with us out into space, far from Earth and discover how far these celestial objects are and experience a bit of time travel when looking back. 

Sun rising under the Milky Way

Exploring the Depths of our Summer Sky

Mar 23, 24, 30, & 31
Apr 13, 14, 20, 21, 27 & 28

Fridays 7pm
Saturdays 4pm & 7pm

With the season of summer comes longer days and warmer nights, so it’s a great time to spend an evening under the stars, hunting the sky for deep space delights. Come with us to explore these celestial objects, from strange stars with unexpected shapes, to the nebulae from which they form, and even black holes that the largest of stars leave behind upon their death. Let us take you on a summer journey unlike any other. 

FREE! First Friday Night Sky Programs 

Feb 2nd, Mar 2nd, Apr 6th, and May 4th

7:00pm (Doors open at 6:30, NO LATE SEATING)

On the first Friday of the month, let us take you on a tour of our night sky. Observe constellations, visible planets, and other astronomical events that might be happening right above you in the month ahead. 

Seating is first-come, first serve. 
This free event is open to everyone in our community. 
Donations graciously accepted. 
Without you, we could not do what we do!
Your donations and ticket purchases make it possible for us to reach for the stars and bring them to you!
Thank you for your support!