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No Scheduled SRJC Planetarium Shows at this Time

At this time, there are currently no planned public, K-12 school, or special shows.

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Contact: Victor Tam

Phone: (707) 527-4246


SRJC Planetarium Update After Feasibility Study

September 24, 2019 -- This is an update to the status of the Santa Rosa Junior College (SRJC) planetarium. Originally built in 1980, the planetarium closed temporarily in Fall 2018 to perform a feasibility study of the aging structure and equipment. The planetarium still remains closed for public shows but is open for instructional purposes to support the Astronomy program.

The study is now complete, which outlines a variety of options and costs that address the issues of equipment and technology that is nearly four decades old. A full renovation of the planetarium is estimated to cost approximately $6.5M. In addition to a one-time renovation cost, another consideration to re-opening is the ongoing staffing costs required to offer shows to the public and K-12 schools. Tied to decisions around a possible renovation is SRJC is currently addressing an ongoing budgetary deficit. Careful consideration is required before moving forward with a renovation to address multiple fiscal pressures.

Understanding these constraints, SRJC is considering a variety of creative options to provide an educational resource in astronomy and the sciences to the community. No overall decision has been made, but SRJC is exploring multiple solutions that are fiscally responsible and long-term. 

We will update the community with our efforts regarding the future of the planetarium space.


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